Bourgeoisie - Part-time (£75 per month)

11 days, Mon - Fri, 8am to 6pm


This allows you to use the cafe every now and then for up to 11 days per month and is more suited to casual workers who have another office they use regularly.

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Becoming a member


The Workers' Cafe only works if we get a group of members all paying a small daily cost and team up rather than spending it in other coffee shops. So with that in mind, here are our pricing options for full access to the cafe and all its features! Remember, unlike coffee, this is tax deductable so be sure to claim it at the end of the year :)




Proletariat - Full (£110 per month)

Mon - Sat, 8am to 6pm


The monthly membership is the cheapest way of accessing the cafe on a regular basis. Choose this if you are a creative or freelancer who regularly works from a coffee shop.

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Landlord - Pay per day (£10 per day)

8am to 6pm


You can pay per day at the cafe when you come in. This will give you full access to the space for the whole day. Fancy a half-day? You can also pay £6 if you arrive after 2pm.

Not quite convinced? Let us know your details below and we'll set you up with a free trial.


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