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It began in a coffee shop in Hampstead that Andrian used to run, serving food and coffee to customers; customers like Ryan who regularly worked nomadically from his laptop. Over time they became the best of buds but eventually Andrian's place closed down.


After 8 years of being a freelancer, Ryan was well versed in using coffee shops as work spaces. So, they put their talents together to create a cafe work-space specifically for non-office workers.

Starting with very little, they used the skills and resources they had, and with Ryan's abilities in videography and Andrian's Moldavian charm they recorded a video for their kickstarter campaign. Luckily, people loved the idea, loved the video and loved Ryan and Andrian, and everything subsequently fell into place. They launched The Workers' Cafe as a pop-up idea in Hackney, June 2016.


Only 3 weeks into opening, two brothers Mike and Dave showed up at The Workers' Cafe. A few months earlier Mike had undergone life changing spinal surgery and had found being bed-bound for months during recovery quite difficult. To help get Mike out of his funk, Dave encouraged Mike to be more mobile by suggesting they start up a business of their own. A co-working business to be exact.


Mike and Dave got chatting to Ryan and Andrian about their experience in the co-working industry, but instead of parting ways, they all decided it'd be way more fun to work together. Before long they had opened another co-working cafe in Dalston, so that when the pop-up term in Hackney was over they all had a permanent place to reside. Ryan now helps out from his new home in Canada, but you can find Andrian, Mike and Dave in The Workers' Cafe in Dalston!


We started a kickstarter campaign to launch the cafe, here's the video from it if you fancy seeing us in glorious HD.






Workers' Cafe founder, he's off making films in Vancouver.





Workers' Cafe founder and cafe manager, there is nothing he can't fix.




Workers' Cafe internet wunderkind, he has

amazing hair.




Workers' Cafe community manager, he sings like an angel.


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